Africa Day Celebrations Organised by Wexford County Council

Saturday, 28th May 2022, 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Series of events over a week. Face to face and digital events, centred around celebrating Africa Day in an integrated way run by FDYS Youthwork Ireland.

2pm          Arrive
2.15pm     Start- Luciano Introduction
2.20pm     Chairman Monaghan County Council
2.25pm     Malenga Speak about Congo
2.30pm     Dance-Sandra Group 1
2.45pm     Sandra- Speaks about Africa Day
2.50pm     Dance-Sandra Group 2
3pm          Child Speaks 1
3.15pm     Mungo group-Traditional Dress Making Demonstration
3.30pm     Dance- Mungo Group
3.40pm     Child Speaks 2
3.50pm     Finishing Remarks & Thank You
4pm          Food & Networking
5.45pm     Wrap Up & Close
6pm          Depart