Africa Day 2019 Celebrations Organised by Laois County Council

Laois County Council and Laois Partnership Company in partnership the with the Laois African Support Group hosted a family friendly Africa Day celebration in the car park of the Portlaoise Parish Centre on Saturday, 1st June. A series of stalls surrounding a central seating area featured food tasting; a showcase of house arts and crafts; as well as a number local African traders.

With traditional African hair braiding, face painting and colouring masks for children, there was something for all ages on the day. The event programme will included traditional African music, signing, poetry and drama as well as a fashion show featuring traditional African dress. Local performers from Laois were invited to participate including singers and Irish dancers.

Anvel Fitness hosted a series of African Dance workshops and participants joined in a “world dance” as part of the event closing ceremony. In the week leading up to the Laois Africa Day event, members of the Laois African Support Group visited three primary schools where they hosted workshops for the students on African culture, music and dancing.