Introducing Africa Day 2016 Champion: Timi Ogunyemi

5th May 2016

Meet one of our Africa Day 2016 Champions, Timi Ogunyemi!

Timi Ogunyemi was born in Lagos, Nigeria and came to Dublin as a 15 year old in 2002. He is a freelance photographer and blogger and is in his final year as a business student at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). Timi is also the founder and editor of creative collective Picture This!, managing an online community of over 40,000 people. He works with Dublin-based artists and businesses to promote local culture and highlight the creativity that exists on every street corner, lane, nook and cranny of Dublin. He also writes for J.J. Kavanagh’s travel blog, showcasing interesting places and people around Ireland, and runs ‘Bare Bones’ a series of podcasts featuring interviews with Irish creative people. Earlier this month, Timi spoke about multiculturalism and integration at creative festival OFFSET Dublin 2016.

Watch our video with Timi below: