Dublin City

Africa Day 2022 Celebrations Supported by Dublin County Council

Saturday, 21st May 2022,

Venue: Belvedere Youth Club

11.00am -2.00pm
Many Faces of Africa NEIC Community Day

11.00am -11.30am- World Café
Facilitation of Questions for individuals from African Diaspora backgrounds to draft a Charter/Statement representing their viewpoints for engagement with Dublin City Council and other key stakeholders during the year.

11.30am – 2.00pm
Activities to include:

  • Many Faces of Africa! Graphic Design by Mic Chikanda with selfie photos from African Diaspora community members in Dublin
  • Workshops with Story Tellers Adekunle Gomez of the African Cultural Project and Asmae Ourkiya from Morocco.
  • Poems by local young people in Irish and African languages
  • Kids Competition in African attire
  • Politics of Hair – Dignity Partnership Workshop
  • Creative Writing Workshop with Melatue Uche Okori, author of ‘This Hostel Life’
  • Live musical and theatrical contributions, from Dublin based African Irish musicians and actors live and recorded.
  • Exhibition at tables by African Irish community groups and advocacy groups
  • Kids activities
  • Food and Fun!