Africa Day Ireland

Celebrate Africa Day 2014. Events are taking place throughout Ireland from 19th – 25th May 2014.


Enjoy an array of delicious food on sale at African Day Dublin, including a number of authentic African dishes.

Africa Day 2010 at Iveagh Gardens 15.05.10Akatshi Grill will servce Afro-Caribbean food.

Barracuda Barbecue Company will serve South African stews and boerewoers sausage.

Goldenhill farm will serve hand made ice creams and sorbets

Mr Crepe will serve freshly made sweet and savoury Crepes, based on the original French recipe

MKE NYUMBANI will serve pilau Rice (rice cooked with pilau spice and garlic) served with Beef Stew;  Maandazi which are round dumplings made with flour, eggs, sugar and milk; Mokimo and beef stew (Mashed potatoes mixed with peas and sweet corn served with beef stew; Chapati & Moong beans (circular dough mixed with salt & oil and cooked over a frying pan served with moong beans sauce); and Samosa (triangular shaped pastry parcels filled with lamb filling and coriander) served with salad.

O’Briens Event Caterers will serve coffee, pastries and ice-cream.In Search of a Queen- Julian Behal for the Simon Cumbers Media Fund

Simply Irresistible will serve a selection of gourmet salads, gourmet steak burgers, hot dexter roast beef rolls, Ballymoney honey roast ham rolls and goats cheese tartlets.

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