Africa Day Ireland

Celebrate Africa Day 2014. Events are taking place throughout Ireland from 19th – 25th May 2014.

African Bazaar

The African Bazaar is the lively, interactive, educational and entertaining zone which has now become one of the most popular elements of Africa Day Dublin.  The African Bazaar at Africa Day Dublin 2013 will feature a vast array of food, crafts, clothing and music from countries all over Africa. If you’re in the mood for shopping you will find a wonderful array of African products on offer, including traditional African crafts, jewellery and even furniture. You can also find out more about development issues through participating in fun, family-friendly, interactive activities hosted by development education organisations and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) that work in African countries.

Community Groups taking part in the Bazaar will include the following

African Caribbean Forum represents the interests of the African and Caribbean migrants living in Ireland. They will be showcasing Caribbean culture and heritage. There will be a special display of Art Work from Nigerian Artists Jeffery A.

Afro in Diaspora Center is a group committed to supporting woman, men and children in their Nigerian Homeland. They will display a collection of African heritage beads and clothes.

Africa Centre is a community organisation based in Dublin. Its activities are held around two main fields: Development Education  and Community Participation. The Centre will provide authentic African games and jigsaws.

African Students Association of Ireland aims to cultivate a vibrant Afro-Irish and International African and non African student community in Ireland. Will they provide games and quizzes on the day

AkiDwa is a national Network of migrant women living in Ireland. They will display African fabrics, beads. arts, crafts and hennas.

Angolan Community in Ireland aims to promote and preserve Angolan culture in Ireland.  They will display traditional pictures book and art items of Angola.

Association of Malawians in Ireland will display Malawian arts and craft, they will have a special performance from a traditional African doctor performing his Ancestral rituals on the day.

Be-Inspired is an organisation aimed at discovering, empowering and developing the youth and their talents. They will be demonstrating Zumba moves while highlighting the importance of exercise and fitness today.

Botswana Ireland will display Botswana crafts, beads and sculptures.  They will also provide face painting on the day.

Brong Ahafo and the Brotherhood Association will exhibit Ghanaian artefacts, fashionable clothing, accessories, necklaces and carvings.

Congolese Women in Ireland is a non profit organization work for integration for Congolese women in the Ireland. They will display Congolese fashion, creature art and jewellery on the day.

Ethnic Minority Women’s Forum promotes intercultural diversity and awareness among the wider community by supporting and organising intercultural celebrations. The group will showcase African culture through display of raw African food items and displays of African traditional head gear.4616531839_8b6591fcb6[1]

Guinean Community of Ireland is an Irish non for profit organisation. They will display Guinean crafts and culture along with traditional music on the day

Ireland Sickle Cell Awareness is a run by volunteers, patients and families with sickle cell disease. Their cultural activities will include music, dance and drama.

New Age Africa Trust a voluntary organization that aims to provide access to primary level and secondary education to boys and girls who do not meet the  criteria set out by the government. They will exhibit arts and crafts products locally produced from communities in Africa.

Nigerian Carnival Ireland aims to promote integration, celebrate cultural diversity and heritage, while informing and educating people about the different, diverse cultures of the ethnic communities in Multicultural Ireland.  They will showcase cultural displays such as dancing and drumming, folklore music and  traditional masquerades.

Oromo Community Ireland is a charitable organisation set up to enhance the integration of Oromos living in Ireland.  They will showcase a traditional coffee ceremony allowing people to test Organic Arabic coffee.

Peolwane Traditional Dance Group is a traditional dancing group composed of four ladies all from Botswana. They will share their culture using dancing skills to entertain people. They will also display traditional African crafts.

Tanzania Ireland is a community organisation that brings together Tanzanians and friends in Ireland. This will display Tanzanian Art, play folk and contemporary music and teach people some Swahili phrases.

The Unforgettable Women’s Network promotes and encourages the equal valuing of the female person in society by developing women’s capacities through education, development and training. The group will showcase African women writers books, magazines and blogs that promote literary education and empowerment.

Africa Day 2010 at Iveagh Gardens 15.05.10Tritees is a voluntary non profit organisation promoting African cultural heritage. They will be on ground to showcase African culture and Beauty. They will run a ‘Best Dressed’ completion and fashion show on the day.

Uganda Association of Ireland is an association that fosters unity and linkage between Ugandans, Irish and all other culturem and communities in The Republic of Ireland.  They will showcase colourful Ugandan culture & traditions along with traditional dancing and drummers.

And, Finally, Wezesha is made up of members of the African Diaspora Community in Ireland that support women and children affected by conflicts and violence in Africa. They will showcase African jewellery, baskets, mats and other fabrics made from women in Africa.

The Traders’ Market at Africa Day Dublin will also be located inside the African Bazaar,

If you’re in the mood for shopping you will find a wonderful array of African products on offer, including traditional African crafts, beads and jewellery

Traders will include:

Amani Crafts selling and displaying  homemade ceramic beads and pottery from Kenya.

African Modern Art Abstracts selling hand made creations of unique African wooden modern art abstracts.

Henna hand-paintingAfroRopean selling African inspired clothing with a Western Infusion

Jabula Ltd. selling  South African gifts and snacks.

Maasailand Adventures selling earings, bracelets postcards and knecklaces, all products are made by the Maasai Community  in Kenya.


You can also find out more about development issues through participating in fun, family-friendly, interactive activities hosted by development education organisations and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) that work in African countries.

NGO organisations participating include:

Action Aid Ireland was established in 1983 and is part of the Action Aid International Federation. At their Africa Day stall the Programme Manager will read case studies and answer questions. They also plan to have a colouring competition for children under 7 and a drawing competition for 7+ on the theme of safer cities.Africa Day 2010 at Iveagh Gardens 15.05.10

Camara Education is an International organisation dedicated to using technology to improve education and livelihood skills in disadvantaged communities around the world. At Africa Day Camara will encourage children and adults to interact with laptops and try out the educational package that they provide to schools.  They will also give out fun questionnaires for children and adults.

Concern is an international humanitarian organisation, founded in Ireland in 1968.  At Africa Day Dublin, the organisation will be asking visitors to contribute a message, story or photo to Africa Day’s 50th Birthday card. Children will be engaged through activities such as ‘Imagining Africa’, drawing on or filling in blank maps of Africa, and through a Treasure Hunt Quiz, with questions on African themes.

GOAL Ireland is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor.  Activities at the event will include, a photo exhibition, interaction with GOALies who have worked on Irish Aid-funded programmes in GOAL’s programme countries in Africa and displays of traditional African artwork.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland is an independent, non-profit organisation that operates in partnership with and on behalf of Habitat for Humanity International in Ireland. Habitat Ireland was founded in 2002. At Africa Day they will display photos of previous work while providing a mini-photobooth at their stall allowing visitors to come and get their photos taken.

MSF is the world’s leading independent medical humanitarian organisation, providing life-saving care to people caught up conflicts, natural disasters or disease epidemics. They will display  amateur and professional images highlighting scenes from the diverse range of settings MSF works. They will also will have a kids’ corner featuring games, toy stethoscopes, dress up outfits, and colouring kits and ‘treatment area’ where they will demonstrate how MSF teams diagnose malnutrition in children.School Kids 1

Operation Smile is a medical charity.  As such, its stand at Africa Day will display colourful posters including illustrations of where in Africa the organisation works. Child-friendly quizes and interactive activities will also be on offer. They will  engage people by having colourful and appealing displays of our posters and works along with a number of pictures and collages with an emphasis on the work that  they do all over Africa

Plan Ireland is a global children’s charity, working with children and their communities in 50 developing countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas.  At Africa Day they will  stage an informative, innovative and interactive platform for visitors. This will entail showcasing children at play in the developing world. The aim is to portray the differences, and indeed similarities between how children play and amuse themselves in Ireland compared to children in the developing world. They will display the type of toys and games which children in the developing world use when they are playing.

Progessio Ireland is an independent Irish international development organisation. Since the focus areas of Progressio Ireland’s work is sustainable environment and water, they will participate with water-related activities for children and families and showcase some of their environmental conscious campaigns through a developmental perspective.
Sightsavers Ireland is part of the international charity of Sightsavers which works to prevent and treat avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people in the developing world. At Africa Day they will engage with attendees’ through demonstrations and interaction with braille cards, activity booklets and blindfolding activities.

Tearfund Ireland is recognised worldwide as a leading relief and development agency at Africa day they will display a number of interesting ‘props’ that they have gathered from the various countries in Africa and Asia. Also we will have a TV screen with a simple animation showing the link between world hunger and climate change.

Value Added in Africa (VAA) is a charity that facilitates sub-Saharan trade by connecting African manufacturers with European wholesale buyers. They will display cosmetics, teas, coffees and garments from of a number of companies that they work with across Africa

Viatores Christi an Irish faith based volunteering association founded in 1960, in Dublin.  At Africa Day Viatores Christi will speak to visitors about the importance of the long term development assignments that they send their members on. They will also provide information on the importance of volunteering and development.

Vita Ltd. Originally called Refugee Trust International (RTI), it focused on providing support to refugees across the world.  At Africa day they will provide games, food recipes along with typical Ethiopian and Eritrean crafts.

World Vision Ireland is a child focussed overseas aid agency. They are part of World Vision International, the largest privately funded NGO in the world. At Africa Day World Vision have chosen a Sierra Leonean theme for their stand. This is based on their “Access to Maternal and Infant Health” (AIM Health) project in Sierra Leone. Activites include face painting, balloon modelling and storytelling.

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