Travel green to Africa Day 2017 – walk, cycle or take the FREE Dublin Bus shuttle service

10th May 2017

Reflecting Irish Aid’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, attendees at this year’s Africa Day in Dublin are encouraged to leave their cars at home and instead take public transport, walk or cycle to Farmleigh.

To support this, Irish Aid will be providing bicycle racks at this year’s Africa Day event and we’re delighted to announce that Dublin Bus will once again offer a FREE shuttle bus service for attendees.

Dublin Bus will have four buses running throughout the day, from 11am to 6pm, between Heuston Bridge/Parkgate Street (stop number 1474) and Farmleigh. The bus will drive up Chesterfield Avenue and drop you within a very comfortable walking distance of Farmleigh House.

The following Dublin Bus routes will bring you to Phoenix Park, dropping you at Parkgate Street:

Route No. 25 – From Pearse St to Lucan (Dodsboro)
Route No. 26 – From Merrion Sq. to Palmerstown (Cherry Orchard)

The No. 46a will drop you at Infirmary Road. The Parkgate Street shuttle bus stop is approximately an eight minute walk from Infirmary Road.

The No. 37 bus from Baggott Street will drop you at the Castleknock Gate. Farmleigh is approximately a fifteen minute walk from the Castleknock Gate.

The following routes will drop you at the Ashtown Gate:

Route No. 37 – From Baggot St. to Blanchardstown Road South
Route No. 38 – From Burlington Rd. to Damastown
Route No. 39 – From Burlington Rd. to Ongar
Route No. 70 – From Burlington Rd. to Dunboyne

Farmleigh is approximately a twenty-five minute walk from the Ashtown Gate.

Please travel to Africa Day by green means if you can. Parking is very limited and restrictions will apply.

See you there!