Introducing Africa Day 2017 champion: Timi Martins!

19th May 2017

Meet Timi Martins, one of our Africa Day 2017 champions. Timi is a Nigerian born resident of Ireland who has been one of Africa Day’s key supporters for a number of years. As in previous years, he has curated and will manage the Atilogwu stage during the Dublin flagship event, and he will also perform as ‘Tim Dogg’.

Timi is involved in several organisations and events focused on Africans in Dublin. He is affiliated with a wide range of multicultural events from Afro-Irish concerts, including Africa Day, to a number of children’s charity fundraisers. In 2001, he initiated his first-ever multicultural event held in Dublin, a summer sports festival called ‘Streetball’.

Timi has third level IT qualifications and currently works for the multimedia company, Goodlife Promotions, an online directory and e-magazine dedicated to informing people on a range of activities and events in Nigeria, Ireland, England, and Ghana. The business is completely web based and can be found here:

Here’s Timi talking about what she is looking forward to most at this year’s Africa Day Dublin event: