Introducing Africa Day 2017 champion: Salome Mbugua!

12th May 2017

Salome Mbugua was born in Kenya and has lived in Ireland since 1994. She is the founder, former CEO and currently the Honorary President of AkiDwA – the African and migrant Women’s Network Ireland. With a strong background in social work, international development and philosophy, Salome has over 20 years’ experience of working with under-represented groups in Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ireland.

Salome is a strong advocate and ambassador of Africans and the African continent and was awarded an Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR-UN) fellowship in 2015. She currently works with Wezesha, the African diaspora led development organisation she co-founded in 2010. The organisation works with African women and children that are affected or are likely to be affected by conflict, war, violence and poverty.

Her work is informed by a Master’s degree in Equality Studies from UCD and Salome is currently undertaking doctorate research at Trinity College Dublin. Her research focuses on participation of women in peace-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here’s Salome talking about what she is looking forward to most at this year’s Africa Day Dublin event: